I’m excited to share that Horseradish Grill has officially acquired the 415Tacobar domain. This acquisition is a major milestone in our company’s history and will allow us more opportunities for creativity with branding, marketing campaigns, social media – you name it! You can bet your butt we’ll be coming up with fun new ways of breaking down barriers between communities through delicious food soon enough (what could possibly go wrong?).

Horseradish Grill is a blog that helps readers find connections between their kitchen, bodies and planet. I hope this site can be an inspiration for you in your cooking adventures!

You know, as someone who has always had an appreciation for the art of cooking and bringing together different ingredients to create something delicious.

The Horseradish Grill has been a spot for chefs to create dishes that are not only delicious, but also benefit their body and planet.

What Horseradish Grill Brings For You

We will be exploring the world of food and cooking in a new way. From techniques, principles to recipes that are both practical for everyday use or exciting enough with their presentation style! I hope you join us on this journey too

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I'm a Chef with an unmatched selection of BBQ and grilling products. I have turned my passion for outdoor cooking into expert knowledge that will help you make the perfect meal, whether it's at your home or mine!