Gas & Propane Grills of 2021: Pick Your Gas Grill

Are you looking for hassle-free gas grills? Let us show you some. Be it a weekend night, a bunch of friends at your home, or just a homely get-together with a few loved ones. A gas grill provides a carefree way of grilling, roasting, BBQing any given food at any given time. Gas grills provide a far easier way of cooking food for those who fancy grilled meat, chicken, fish, or veggies.

A gas grill requires either natural gas or propane for operation. There are multiple options for cooking food that a gas grill provides. There are also compact options for gas grills. Apart from that, there are also gas grill options that can be placed on the tabletop. These compact gas grills are ideal for outdoor parties and camping.

This article consists of an in-depth analysis of the 10 best gas grills 2021. You will find this article very helpful in your hunt to find the best gas grill to add to your backyard. These gas grills are high performance and made of top-notch quality material. The buying guide section will help you find the right product that you need. We hope your money goes to the right place and you buy the right product according to your requirement.

Best Gas & Propane Grills list

  • Best Gas Grill for the Money: Weber 66006001 Genesis II
  • Stainless Steel Gas Grill: Weber 7470001 Summit S-670
  • Good Propane Grill: Weber 57060001 Q3200
  • High Quality Liquid Propane Gas Grill: Char-Broil Signature 425
  • Liquid Propane Gas Grill for Small Family: Weber 51010001 Q1200
  • Best Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill: Weber 45010001 Spirit II
  • Great Gas Grill: Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro
  • Cabinet Propane Gas Grill: Royal Gourmet SG6002
  • Tabletop Gas Grill: CUISINART CGG-180T CGG180T
  • 3 Burners Gas Grill: Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LPG

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill in 2021?

This guide will help you buy the right product that you want. Usually, people get confused about which product to buy once they have made their minds buy a gas grill. There are lots of companies that have expertise in manufacturing grills. We have made this job easy for you by listing some of the essential features of a gas grill. These features are important to consider for your gas grill to perform optimally. Those few consideration are listed below;

Temperature Range

It is important to look for the temperature range a gas grill provides. The higher the temperature, the more cooking option the grill will provide. If your gas grill has a low-temperature score, then it will only provide a limited cooking option. On the other hand, a higher temperature range allows you to cook food such as steaks, grilled fish or chicken, etc.

Build Quality

You don’t want your gas grill to fall apart or corrode within a year. It is important to consider the build quality of your gas grill. Make sure that your grill is made of top-notch quality material to make it last longer. Also, look for the construction of the grill. Make sure it has seamless joints and that it isn’t wobbly—most of the grills made of stainless steel or cast aluminum with welded joints last longest.

Potability and Stability

Portability is an option you can consider if you like to move a lot. A portable grill is lightweight and has wheels. This makes the mobility of the grill easier. Always make sure that your grill is stable and stays in one place. Look for the grill, which has licking wheels, so it doesn’t move. The semi cart styled grills are also good; they only have wheels at one side to be moved with convenience.

Cooking Grid

A cooking grid is the main part of the grill where the food is cooked. You will need a grill that has a durable cooking grate. Usually, the grid is made of cast iron. It makes it durable and the best conductor of heat. Also, cast iron is durable and can last longer. Moreover, the majority of the cast iron grids are coated with porcelain that makes corrosion-free. Additionally, porcelain enameling is ideal for retaining heat and giving it a shiny look.

Here are the Top 10 Best Gas Grills

When is your next barbecue expected? If you are looking for a gas grill, here’s what to know before buying one of the top grills in 2021.

1. Weber 66006001 Genesis II: Best Gas Grill for the Money

Weber 66006001 Genesis II
Natural Gas Grills by Weber

Available at

When we think of weber, some of the top quality grilling apparatus comes to our minds. Weber indeed does what it promises. This gas grill is one of their masterworks. This gas grill requires natural gas for operation. It is one of the best gas grills 2021 due to its incredible high performance.

Cook your food at optimum temperature with this grill. The stainless steel lid locks in heat to allow the food to cook to perfection. It also comes with a side burner to help you saute or simmer the sauces or side veggies. Add sear marks to the meat like a professional with an additional sear station. Now, you wouldn’t complain about over or undercooked food. The stainless steel cooking grid allows for even heat distribution.

Weber 66006001 Genesis II

In addition to that, you can monitor the temperature throughout via Igrill 3 app. This facility allows you to monitor and control the temperature for perfect cooking. It also comes with a warming rack to keep the food warm and ready to serve. Moreover, keep your tools or utensils hidden in the cabinet specially designed for this purpose. All in all, this gas grill is the perfect addition to your backyard.

  • Corrosion-free
  • Comes with a warming rack
  • Stainless steel grates
  • Cabinets for storage
  • Sturdy design
  • Requires natural gas unit

Overall, if you have a natural gas unit installed, this is a perfect addition to your backyard. Be it a weekend night, or have thrown a party and cook like a professional with this gas grill. You can perfectly roast, saute, sear, or cook, having full control over the temperature. Also, keep the food ready to serve with its warming racks.

2. Weber 7470001 Summit S-670: Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Stainless Steel Gas Grills
6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Available at

Next in line is another masterpiece by weber. This gas grill is one of the best gas grills 2021 for its large grilling area. This grill is perfect for large families and grand parties. It comes with 6 gas burners and a hose length of about 120 inches. further, it has a total cooking area of 838 sq. inches, out of which 145 sq. inches is the warming area. It allows you to cook a huge quantity of food at one time.

What is special about this grill is that it comes with a smoker, sear burner, and a side burner. The cast-iron, stainless porcelain-coated cooking grates allow for even heat distribution. Also, these cooking grates are corrosion-free and retain heat to its optimum level. You can be creative with your food, especially meat, by creating sear marks with road cooking grids. Impress your loved ones with impeccable restaurant-style cooked food.

Weber 7470001 Summit S-670

The main highlight of this grill is the flavorizer bar. It has a tight lid that forces all the flavor back into your food. Basically, this bar catches all the vapor emitted by the food and forces it back. In this way, your food can retain all its natural flavors. Moreover, you get a tough, sturdy grill that will last for decades. It also comes with six toll holders, enclosed cabinets, and a temperature gauge. All in all, Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 has all the necessary things you need.

  • Large grilling area
  • Stainless steel body
  • Six burner
  • Flavoring bars
  • Smokebox
  • Tool holders
  • Temperature gauge
  • Very expensive
Weber 7470001 Summit S-670

If you fancy parties every other weekend night, then Weber Summit S-670 is your best friend. It caters to large families having an ample grilling area. You can control the temperature of this grill. Also, cook like a professional with its smokebox, flavorizer bars, and searing rods. Moreover, it also provides storage space and tool holders to make its usage easy.

3. Weber 57060001 Q3200: Good Propane Grill

Propane Grills by Weber
Propane Grills by Weber

Available at

Weber Q3200 is the best option if portability is your requirement. Most people prefer it for easy transportation. The small size does not compensate for its performance. It produces about 21,700 BTUs of heat energy per hour. Moreover, the cooking area is fairly large and can cater to a medium family. It has a cooking area of 393 sq. inches, which are good enough.

In addition to that, the body of this gas grill is made of cast aluminum, so it’s lightweight yet robust. They are easy to clean and retains heat to an optimal level. The lid is also made of cast aluminum that traps heat to the max to provide excellently cooked food. Moreover, the semi cart style provides easy mobility as well as stability.

Weber 57060001 Q3200

Furthermore, it comes with an electronic ignition system. You don’t need the hassle of lighting up matchsticks to start the fire. The assembly of this grill can be made easy by following the 3d instruction via the BILT app. In short, Weber Q3200 is your best short for a portable and high-performance gas grill.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Semi cart style
  • Side shelves available
  • Thermometer present
  • Heat tents absent
Weber 57060001 Q3200

Overall, this is a good affordable gas grill to add to your home. It provides a fairly large grilling space. You can have a check on the temperature through the thermometer. Moreover, the semi cart style makes its mobility easy. This surely will be your best purchase.

4. Char-Broil Signature 425: High Quality Liquid Propane Gas Grill

High Quality Liquid Propane Gas Grill
3-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Available at

Next from our best gas grills, the 2021 review list is the ultimate Char-Broil 425 gas grill. This gas grill earns fame due to its optimum convecting grilling method. It comes with all the necessary features that are required for the best grill. You get a stainless steel body and lid that retains heat to its max. Char-broil also features heat tents, warming racks, burners, cooking grates, and side shelves made of stainless steel. This material ensures its strength and durability.

It provides a large cooking area of about 425 sq. inches for primary cooking. It can accommodate food for large families. In addition to that, it comes with warming racks that make the food readily available to eat. You can control the temperature with its stainless steel knobs to make deliciously cooked food. Also, it comes with a cabinet having doors that provide a large area for storage.

Char-Broil Signature 425

Besides, it also comes with side shelves that can be used for food prep or storage space. You can use both propane or natural gas, and it is easy to switch from one to the other. Apart from that, it also comes with a tank gauge that indicates the level of propane if you are using it. Lastly, this grill can be cleaned with great convenience. The grease pan and tray are removable, which allows for easy cleaning.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Temperature gauge
  • Side shelves present
  • Cabinet for storage
  • Easy to transport
  • Unclear assembly instructions

Overall, this is a nice affordable gas grill with which you can cook like professionals. It operates on propane as well as natural gas. It provides a large cooking area of 425 sq. inches for primary cooking. You also get a temperature gauge to check the temperature. Also, it is made with stainless steel components to make it tough.

5. Weber 51010001 Q1200: Liquid Propane Gas Grill for Small Family

Liquid Propane Gas Grill for Small Family
Liquid Propane Grill by by Weber

Available at

The next product from our best gas grills 2021 review list is the Q1200 model by Weber. This gas grill is ideal for camping or a small family. It consists of a single stainless steel burner. In addition to that, it is corrosion free and produces about 8500 BTUs of energy. Also, it comes with a cooking area measuring about 189 square inches.

The body of this grill is made of cast aluminum, making it lightweight yet robust. It is an extremely compact gas grill that can be placed on a tabletop. Apart from that, the cooking grates are made with cast-iron and coated with porcelain. It makes it corrosion free and an excellent heat retainer.

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid

Moreover, it has an electronic ignition system, which makes it easy to start the fire. Additionally, it comes with foldable shelves to hold your lightweight utensils and other tools. It also comes with a lid-mounted thermometer so you can easily regulate the temperature. Lastly, this product is easy to assemble by following the 3d assembly instructions on the app.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Comes with thermometer
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • The shelves aren’t durable

Overall, this product delivers amazing results under such a price tag. You will be stunned by the performance. The cooking grates evenly distribute heat as they are made with cast-iron. Also, the porcelain coating makes it corrosion-free. In addition to that, it is portable and compact so you can take it anywhere you want.

6. Weber 45010001 Spirit II: Best Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill

Best Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill
3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black

Available at

This gas grill gives you have greater control over the cooking process so that you cook drool-worthy recipes. Weber’s 22-inch premium gas grill is one of the bestselling grills in the 2021s. Having a space to hold a large quantity of food makes it worth it. Also, it is made sure that the quality is top-notch. It has a built-in thermometer making you have greater control over temperature.

The total grilling area of this grill is 529 sq. inches, which are large enough to serve large families. In addition to that, the cleaning of this grill is as easy as it can get. You can enjoy making your BBQ and never worry about the hassle of cleaning. The cooking grid is enameled with porcelain that makes the surface durable. It will retain the heat plus won’t rust or peel. The lid has a solid handle by which you can place it or remove it while grilling.

Weber 45010001 Spirit II

Similarly, it is designed such that the grate is hinged and made solid. The product comes with a user manual. However, you can also assemble the grill by 3D interactive assembly via the free BILT app. Some key features are such that it is easy to use and handle. Also, a precision heat control system is made to withstand great heat. Moreover, the handle is heat resistant.

  • Durable body
  • Heat control system
  • Easy assemble
  • Easy cleaning
  • Does not provide slow cooking

Overall, you get a good quality gas grill that provides excellent cooking. You get a large cooking area of about 529 sq. inches. Moreover, the cooking grates are cast iron so that you can cook food to perfection. The body of this grill is robust and corrosion-free. Lastly, it also has a built-in thermometer so you can have a check on the temperature.

7. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro: Great Gas Grill

Great Gas Grill
40,800-BTU Gas Grill

Available at

The char griller grilling pro is one of the best gas grills 2021 available in the market for a good budget. It has a total of 438 sq inches of grilling area, making it ideal for cooking and grilling your meals. Along with that, there is a special warming area for pre and post grilling, keeping your food ever ready. Moreover, there are a total of three burning tubes pre-installed in the grill.

These burners dissipate equal heat through the grill making perfect evenly cooked food. Along with that, you get an additional 12000 BTU side burners for the warming area. The grill is strong and durable as it is made of strong steel construction. It makes it heavy but long-lasting.

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro

This is a pure propane grill and does not work with charcoal. The grill has dimensions of 48 x 28 x 48 making it ideal for grilling anywhere. You can cover the surface as protection that makes it safe from the element. This is also one of the most favorite models of Char grillers that is popular among the users. The burner works fine even if kept unused for a long period of time. You can enjoy perfect grills using the char’s grill.

  • Tremendous heat output
  • Large cooking area
  • Foldable shelves added
  • Durable construction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stable body
  • Prone to rusting

Overall, this is a nice grill that can cook a variety of foods. It has a classy design and provides a large grilling surface. Apart from that, it also comes with a warming rack. It has a durable construction owing to its high-quality steel construction. In addition to that, you get side shelves to make use of it during cooking.

8. Royal Gourmet SG6002: Cabinet Propane Gas Grill

Cabinet Propane Gas Grill
Cabinet Propane Gas Grill, 6-Burner, Stainless Steel

Available at

Bearing the best design, the Royal gourmet SG002 is the one propane gas grill that is an ultimate grilling apparatus. The manufacturer has left the decision to the buyers to buy either the one with three burners up to 6 burners. Talking about the grilling area, the size is perfect for grilling for family and guests. 550 square inch main grilling area as well as 140 square inches secondary warming area makes it ideal for almost anything.

Talking about the building, the main grates are made of cast iron. It makes the cooking grid durable and reliable. The main three burners are lined up and provide 44000BTUs. In contrast, the other steel tube burners provide 12000BTUs each. The burner and the surface are made in such a way that it is easy to clean.

Royal Gourmet SG6002

Now let’s mention some features. The cooking surface is quite large and can be used for multiple cooking purposes. There are lead side burners that can provide up to 8000BTUs. The extra table comes with it for extra prepping the food before cooking. The design is like a cart with a little storage area due to the preinstalled propane tank. It also has 3-dimensional caster wheels that make the grill easy to move around.

  • Best heat output
  • Large cooking surface
  • Stable body
  • Cabinets included
  • Durable body
  • Some parts are prone to rust

Overall, this is one of the best gas grills 2021 you will ever purchase. It has got a double layered lid that sits heavily on top to trap maximum heat. Also, it comes with a built-in thermometer that helps you regulate the temperature. On top of that, it has a cabinet having stainless steel doors. You can store your tools and utensils in this cabinet.

9. CUISINART CGG-180T CGG180T: Tabletop Gas Grill

Tabletop Gas Grill
Portable Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

Available at

Cuisinart CGG-180-T is the new portable mini tabletop grill. It stands in the best gas grills 2021 category for its compact size. Also, it can be easily carried around, which is made from stainless steel. Furtherly, it has a 145 square inch porcelain-enameled grate that makes a good heat conductor. Also and makes your food evenly cooked. Space accommodates a lot of food at one time while transferring heat evenly throughout.

It has a 5500BTU burner, and another plus is that it comes with an electric igniter. Apart from that, it has a built-in temperature gauge that gives precise temperature. The grill is 18 x 16 x 11.5 inches in dimension, making it very easy to carry anywhere. It only weighs around 17 pounds making it ideal for decks, terraces, and balconies. It has durable, sturdy, foldable legs that provide a durable base while using.


The briefcase-like design makes it easy to carry. Also, you don’t have to worry about ignition as it comes pre-installed. Moreover, it comes in three different colors, i.e., steel, red, and black. Provides ultimate convenience in all aspects. It can cook for a family of 6 to 8 people at a time. The grill can be set up easily in under a minute. Lastly, it comes with a user guide to assist the user in getting started.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable body
  • Large cooking surface
  • Auto-ignition system
  • Connector hose absent

Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for a compact gas grill. It has a fairly large grilling surface that accommodates a good amount of food. It comes with a porcelain coated that perfectly cooks the food. Also, it has a locking lid to ensure its safety. All in all, it is a perfect gas grill for camping.

10. Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LPG: 3 Burners Gas Grill

Three Burners Gas Grill
Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo

Available at

Are you confused about choosing between a gas or a charcoal grill? Then there comes a grill that has it all. The Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LPG grill works on both forms of energies. It has a simple cooking surface that is 750 square inches, which is a great size. Another secondary one is 310 square inches, which can be used for post/pre-cooking heating purposes. The chamber is the most likely plus of the grill. It has a total of 6 cast-iron grates that are well coated with porcelain.

You can have either coal-tasting meals by burning woods in the chamber or utilizing 36000 BTUs for powerful gas grilling. Also, you have 3 gas burners for gas grilling. There are a lot of things that feature in this hybrid grill. Let’s state some of its features. It has a total grilling surface of 1060 square inch which covers the main chamber and the firebox. It has 3 main burners for gas grilling and is run by 3x 12000 BTU burners, which is tremendous!

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal LPG

There is an electronic fire ignition that makes sure the fire starts. The construction is solid, and as stainless steel is used, there is no worrying about rust or other stains. The storage space is enough to keep your utensils safe and secure. Apart from that, it has bigger wheels to make it more mobile and easily movable. It has an installation guide in it that helps you set it up.

  • large cooking surface
  • Cast iron cooking grate
  • Porcelain-coated components
  • Two in one grill
  • Temperature gauge present
  • Easy cleaning
  • Heavy weighing

If you are fond of the charcoal taste in the food and looking for a 2 1 griller, this is the one for you. Oklahoma griller offers charcoal and gas grilling on a large cooking surface of 1060 sq. inches. It has a cast iron cooking grate coated in porcelain. The heat output is incredible and cooks the food with ultimate perfection.

Bottom Line

A gas grill is a useful appliance that allows for multiple cooking options. Gas grills use natural gas or liquid propane for its operation. They provide excellent cooking options like that of professionals. You can be creative with a gas grill and roast, sear, saute or simmer any given food.

This article provides a detailed account of the 10 best gas grills 2021. It is a product of deep speculation and research to compile some of the top-notch products for you. You will also benefit from the buying guide section. Choose the right product for your home with the help of this account. Among these products, our top picks are listed below.

In a nutshell, all of the aforementioned products deliver superb performance. They are the product of brilliance and toil. All of these products ensure durability and reliability. Also, this specific article provides authentic information. We hope you have a great time reading.

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