Duna kitchen


The Horseradish Grill is excited to announce that they have acquired the Duna kitchen domain.

We all have the power to make healthy, ethical choices with our food. Horseradish Grill is here for you on your journey of discovery and exploration in sustainable kitchen practices!

The culinary revolution that is taking place in Duna isn’t just for the chefs who are passionate about cooking delicious food with benefits. It’s also a home to people all across town, like you and me!

History of Duna kitchen

Duna is the place for fine dining that feels like home. We are committed to making great food with noble ingredients, and we deliver in our “full kitchen service” model where everything will be guaranteed delicious!

In the beginning, there was a vision. The founders of Duna Kitchen had one goal: to create innovative food from scratch with fresh ingredients and creative flavors for everyone in your home – whether you’re entertaining guests or cooking simple meals at home alone! In early summer 2018 we’ll be launching our long term “Duna” project where every investor becomes an owner by investing into this ambitious startup story.

What’s Horseradish Grill Writer for Reader

Do you want to sear some meat? Or smoke the best cuts of lamb, pork and beef on your Barbie. We have all that covered with our carefully curated selection! From portable smokers perfect for camping trips or backyard cookouts, there’s something here at Horseradish Grill Writer designed just what you need – no matter if smoker pros like a hands-on approach when it comes time making food taste good (good job!) But don’t worry: if speed is key then check out these five tips from award winning BBQ pit masters who share their secrets in this must read article…

Horseradish Grill is a great place to start exploring for those who are just getting into the world of grilling. For now, we’ve got your back and hope these several articles will help get you started!

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