Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Review

Vertical smokers offer a form of barbecue unlike any other. How does Louisiana Grills’ Vertical Smoker compare? Find out everything you need to know with our in-depth review!

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is a smoker that uses wood pellets to smoke meat, fish and vegetables. It is made of stainless steel and has two cooking racks for food at different levels. The pellet hopper holds up to 40 pounds of pellets and can be controlled by an electronic timer or remote control. This smoker automatically feeds the wood pellets into the firebox according to temperature settings and will even tell you when it needs more fuel! It also comes with a cover so it can be moved anywhere easily without worrying about getting dirty.

This post introduces the Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker which is great for smoking all types of food such as seafood, pork chops, chicken wings, ribs or brisket!

A vertical pellet smoker will do just about anything you need, whether that means infusing smokiness into everything from pulled pork sandwiches and chicken wings (even vegetables) or making sure lunch always tastes great out on the big grill but doesn’t leave behind any regrets when sharing with friends.

What are the best pellet grills for 2022? Our expert reviews more than a dozen different models, and we’ll be bringing you their pros and cons so that it’s easier to find your perfect match.

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Features

The Louisiana Grills 7 Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker is the perfect smoker for those who want their food to have a unique, authentic flavor. With more than 2 thousand square inches of cooking space and hardwood pellets that deliver tenderness without smokey flavors you won’t find anywhere else on earth this cutting edge pellet grill has everything your soul desires!

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Main Cooking Grate

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker: It has 2059 square inches of cooking surface. This means there’s plenty to cook in a vertical position, such as roasting and smoking at different levels or barbequing everything from meats down low then baking your favorite casserole on top!

The five burners offer flexibility without compromising any type of food you want cooked – even braising is possible with this baby.

6 Cooking Grate

Louisiana Grills offers a Vertical Pellet Smoker for those who want to smoke at their own pace. The smoker features six porcelain coated cooking grids, making it possible to cook more than one dish at once and maintain the correct level of humidity in each individual pan without compromising taste or texture!

Large hopper

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is an excellent choice if you are looking to cook large amounts of food at once. The hopper can take up 27 kilograms worth, which should give most people about 35 hours or more before they need to worry about running out!

Meat Probe

The Louisiana griller has a built-in meat probe that will not leave you guessing if your food is cooked or not. The two sensors, one on each side of the smoker, let users know how far their meal needs to be from being just right for them so there’s no need in doing any guesswork!

Front Window with Glass

The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker has a window down the front, which allows you to see your food as it is cooking. This smoker also comes in sizes perfect for those with smaller families or who only cook on occasion because of this great feature!

Temperature Controller

Louisiana Grills’ Vertical Pellet Smoker is a temperature controlled device that helps to maintain the perfect cooking environment. The smoker has double wall insulation, which keeps heat in and cold out! It also features an airtight seal around its door for efficient thermostatic control of temperatures between 100 – 420 degrees Fahrenheit (38- 219 Celsius).

Locking System

It also has a secure locking system, that ensures the door remains closed when you are cooking. It features two locks – one for security and another so it can maintain temperature or set up different tension levels depending on your preference!


The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is a large and sturdy smoker that will last for years to come. It’s made of porcelain-coated steel, which protects it from the elements such as weather damage or rusting; this also makes it look good in your backyard! The caster wheels make moving easy too so you don’t have trouble when preparing food while camping overnights during hunting season.

What we like

Louisiana Grills has a vertical pellet smoker that is durable and easy to move. It’s full length glass window adds visibility, six cooking racks keep food hot or cold for hours in between smokes while the large hopper can hold up more than 100 pounds of wood pellets at once!

What we don`t like

A fantastic smoker for large groups and families, the Louisiana Grill is perfect if you have enough space to house it. It’s on high end pricing so be prepared! You’ll need help moving this bad boy around or maybe two strong people who know what they are doing should take care of lifting because I’m sure as heck not going anywhere near that thing myself…


The Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker is one of the most versatile and sought after smokers on today’s market. The full-length glass door provides efficiency while also giving you an amazing view, meat probes come with this product so users can rely on what they see cooked whether or not having someone else taste it out for them (which some find very useful), and last but certainly not least – if your budget allows buying this smoker will be worth every penny spent!

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